Re: [Ekiga-list] building ekiga

On 12/10/12 02:19, gideon425 gb6 mailnull com wrote:
I am trying to configure ekiga 3.9.90 for a build.
I am using ubuntu which does not have ptlib 2.10.7 and ./configure seems to want it.
Is there a way round this?

You should build ptlib 2.10.7, opal 3.10.7 and ekiga 3.9.90.

If you modify ekiga, you can pass this test and use ptlib 2.10.6, but it is a less good version than 2.10.7. Using even older versions is not recommended at all, you can have compile errors and other bugs!!

Conclusion: build ptlib 2.10.7 and opal 3.10.7 before.


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