[Ekiga-list] ekiga 4.0.0 release by Monday


We plan to release ekiga 4.0.0, probably the best ekiga release (at least in my opinion), by Monday. A few fixes will be committed before that (ptlib compile error, libnotify pluggin fix). For your information, here is the NEWS file. The git log file is as usually at http://git.gnome.org/browse/ekiga/log.

* Major user-visible changes between ekiga 4.0.0 and 3.2.7, details are below
- Major overhaul of the main window
- Use gnome icons instead of ekiga's own
- Re-add back H264 and H263+ video plugins
- New pulse audio plugin (in ptlib)
- New audio codecs: SILK (used by skype), G.722.1 (aka Siren 7),
  G.722.2 (aka GSM-AMR Wide band)
- Call auto-answer
- Use spinner effect during ringing on the other party
- Unregister accounts when quitting
- Set presence to offline upon quitting
- Faster startup by not getting canonical name of servers
- Fixes for Contact field during registration:
  - Use two additional compatibility mode for some bogus registrars
  - Fix order of items in Contact field
- Add tooltips to various windows and dialog boxes
- Adjust defaults (show offline users, use picture-in-picture)
- Jabber/XMPP and GStreamer fixes
- [windows] Support mingw-w64 and its own headers for building

* Changes in ekiga 4.0.0 (2012-11-xy)
** User-visible fixes
- Fix call auto-answer
- Fix group renaming in roster
- Fix migration of echo cancellation setting
- Migrate short_status setting
- Fix crashes on account editing/enabling/disabling/removing
- Fix freeze when changing fast account status
- Fix crash when the other party's names are not UTF-8 valid
- Fix possible crash on invalid fields during LDAP edit dialog box
- Fix a bug where notification disappears too fast
- Use spinner effect during ringing on the other party
- Use more icons from theme instead of Ekiga's own
- Show call info frame only during call
- Prevent some ugly window resizing due to countdown displaying
- Make sure call history is correctly ordered
- Use intermediate icon when changing status in roster
- Fix non-ASCII names shown in roster
- Ellipsize long user names in roster
- Some UI improvements to roster
- Consider more statuses as away, increasing interoperability
- Reset call window title in case of missed call too
- Fix hiding call window
- Add show preview menu entry in the main window
- Automatic zoom for small resolutions
- Use saner names for windows/dialogs
- Fix string capitalization in GUI according to HIG
- Update menu accordingly when (dis)enabling accounts in Account window
- Update built-in manual
- Jabber/XMPP fixes
- GStreamer fixes
** Protocol fixes
** Distributor-visible changes
- libnotify and avahi are now plugins
- libavcodec5x and gnome-icon-theme must be manually put as
  dependencies, since they are loaded during runtime
- avahi is disabled by default
- new dependency: libv4l-dev (for HAL video hotplugging)
- new dependency: gnome-icon-theme (in fact in ekiga 3.9.90)
** Windows port fixes
- Allow execution from Start->Execute menu
** Build fixes
- Fix compile error with ffmpeg
- Fix compile error on kFreeBSD
- Fix compile errors on older libnotify
- Fix compile error with -Wformat-security
- Add gnome-icon-theme dependency
- Replace some GTK3 deprecated functions
- Replace deprecated opal registration code
** Translation updates
- Updated translations: as, ca, ca@valencia, cs, de, en@GB, es, fi,
  fr, gl, gu, hi, hu, id, it, kn, lt, lv, ml, mr, pa, pl, ru, sl, sr,
  sr@latin, zh_HK, zh_TW
- Removed obsolete translations: be
- Updated help translations: de, es


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