[Ekiga-list] Web-browser association with sip: links and Ekiga (Windows 7)

Someone on the IRC chat room has made a great, yet obvious, suggestion
to use Ekiga to open hyper-link sip: addresses.

But before I'm suggesting anything, this might be an issue with Ekiga
itself (a bug) and not a feature that needs to be added, because sip:
links do work on UNIX.

Using Ekiga to open sip: links from Web-browser on Windows.

Including the command ekiga --call or ekiga -c in the Windows registry
(or wherever it is needed in order to make web browsers to open sip:
addresses with ekiga).

I'm not knowledgeable on Windows and so I do not know what is the
character that is needed to be put after "C:\Program Files
(x86)\Ekiga\ekiga.exe --call ???" to make it dynamic so (using a
shortcut that will be selected in Firefox - a temporary solution).

I know that it is usually $1 in Linux.

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