Re: [Ekiga-list] webcam trouble

On 24/05/12 07:00, Sreenivas Gunturi wrote:
Hello Eugen:

Sorry but I am not very technical.  How do I get what you have asked for: "the -d 4 output log"?  Please send me the command required to extract this log.  Thanks.

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On 05/04/12 14:41, Sreenivas Gunturi wrote:

One clarification to my question below.  I can see my own video i.e. the local video.  What I am not able to see is the remote video.

Are there any special "video Echo" test numbers like the sip:500?

Sorry to answer so late.

500 ekiga net is audio and video.  If you do not see remote video, then
somewhere there is a problem.  We need the -d 4 output log, could you
send it?

I have been using Ekiga on both Ubuntu 11.10 and Vista and now on Windows 7.  But unfortunately only in Audio or voice mode.  I have never been able to get the video (I have tried both standalone webcam as well as fixed, integrated webcam) to work.  The webcams are fine because I have tried them with skype and they work just fine.

Some times I get a message that my webcam is already in use by another application and that Ekiga is unable to grab it.  This is not true because at that time I have absolutely nothing else running (definitely not skype).

So where am I going wrong?

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