[Ekiga-list] Terminate outgoing calls made with softphone Ekiga, if the softphone on the same machine as the asterisk.

Hi, all!

There is a machine with FreeBSD 8.2, asterisk and softphone ekiga 3.6.2. Softphone is registered on the Asterisk and normally respond to calls addressed to it.
If I try to call this softphone, then call is rejected, barely begun.
That is, Asterisk starts to call the number I want, and to the appropriate phone call comes in, but the call is immediately reset by the caller, ie, ekiga. And, if ekiga is on another computer, even in a virtual machine on the same computer, then place outgoing calls normally. I used to use ekiga. It worked fine for me with half a dozen sip-providers. Now I have them (ISPs) "tied" to Asterisk. And I want to use for calls the ekiga - it suits me more than all the others. Can anyone tell whether it is possible to do something with ekiga and asterisk, so that you can safely use them both together on the same machine?


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