[Ekiga-list] Registering Ekiga to OBIApp

Anyone successfully hooked up Ekiga as a SIP client to OBIApp or any other server? I have UBUNTU 10.10 running OBIAPP using Wine. OBIAPP confirmed working as I can make calls from SFLPhone SIP client. OBIAPP shows client as "Registered" but showing contact as "sip:OBI#@IPofPCwithOBIAPP:0". I am wondering if the trailing 0 (which I believe should be 5060, the port used for SIP settings) would be the cause.

I tried changing settings in gconf-editor for Proxy settings and re-added SIP accounts with various settings in Ekiga but without success. When making a call, OBIAPP reacts to calls being made by attempting to call out using my designated Gateway, but after couple status changes it drops the calling attempt. It does not help when I have no audio either, though I confirmed I hear the sound effects.

Prior to OBI when connecting SIP accounts directly, I know Ekiga worked correctly so audio drivers is not an issue.

Any help or guidance will be appreciated.

Thank you

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