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There is a recurrent problem remaining.
Referring to RFC3428 :
  This document proposes the MESSAGE method, an extension to the
   Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) that allows the transfer of Instant
   Messages.  Since the MESSAGE request is an extension to SIP, it
   inherits all the request routing and security features of that
   protocol.  MESSAGE requests carry the content in the form of MIME
   body parts.  MESSAGE requests do not themselves initiate a SIP
   dialog; under normal usage each Instant Message stands alone, much
   like pager messages.  MESSAGE requests may be sent in the context of
   a dialog initiated by some other SIP request.

Ekiga can send IM at any time, but doesn't inherit SIP_ID nor registrar to 
construct a proper message usable during a VoIP call.
There is then troubles when using Ekiga with strict IPBX like Asterisk

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Le 19/01/2012 20:28, Eugen Dedu a écrit :
On 31/12/11 03:58, Charles M wrote:
Is instant messaging fully supported on a direct (pc-win to pc-linux) h323
active call?

In SIP it is supported; I suppose it works on h323 too, but I am not sure, it is a supposition.  Maybe someone on the list has a more precise answer.


Thierry Simonnet


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