Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga Interview

On Fri, 28 Oct 2011 18:15:39 +0200
genghiskhan <genghiskhan gmx ca> wrote:

> 3.1) Concerning to the integration of Ekiga with existing tools,
> instead of adding them, again, withing Ekiga (e.g. using GNOME’s
> address book and GNOME’s account setup instead of providing yours).
> 3.2) Not all of us are using GNOME or KDE or any other full Desktop
> Environments/Stations with all of its set of desktop applications, so
> some of us might need to have an option, while compiling Ekiga, of
> whether Ekiga should have its own address book, account setup etc. or
> should it use one of the following PIM software (fixed list) to manage
> this sort of data, or maybe you will use an auto detection feature
> (not a fixed list) which will ask which one of the selected (a list of
> detected software) you (the user) would like Ekiga to use - of course,
> this will be available only for the supported applications that Ekiga
> can detect.
Please do not consider what I have wrote above as too serious.
Overhaul the idea of Damien is very good.
I prefer all my settings to be at ~/.config/ekiga.conf

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