Re: [Ekiga-list] Cannot set a conference room as private

On 16/05/11 07:31 PM, Oskiiiiii wrote:
Sorry, on my last message I used a wrong thread for this. I start a new
thread now.


I have a (I supose) well-known problem with Ekiga. The documentation
says that you can start a private conference room by calling
501xxxx ekiga net, and then it says something about establishing a pin
number to give to the other people wanting to join the conference.

It seems that there is no way to set up this number. Ekiga does not ask
for it ?¿?¿

I supose there is a known problem, because I have search a lot, and I
have find several post in several forums regarding to this issue, but I
never found an answer ?¿?¿ neither in forum nor in ekiga documentation.
That very strange, as far as the post I found are relatively old.

Why nobody has answered this in any forum? It seems like "The mistery of
ekiga private rooms".

Thanks a lot, sorry if there is a trivial answer to this, but I have
spent a lot of time searching for a solution before posting.

After doing a little bit of investigation myself as well as some tinkering, I have found the same unresolved threads as you - so I believe the situation must be that private conference rooms do not work as presently documented on the Wiki, or do not work at all.

Eugen et al, this is something we can get some confirmation on so I can update the documentation accordingly, as it's confusing for users :)


Dave Koelmeyer

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