Re: [Ekiga-list] No video

On 08/02/11 19:57, Andrew Allcock wrote:
Hello Ekiga List

Sorry to answer so late.

When starting Ekiga I get this error message:

"Error while accessing video device Acer Crystal Eye webcam

Your video driver doesn't support the requested video format.

A moving logo will be transmitted during calls. Notice that you can always
transmit a given image or the moving logo by choosing "Picture" as video plugin
and "Moving logo" or "Static picture" as device."

I cannot configure the webcam to work.

You need to send us the debug output (-d 4).

I'm using Ubuntu 10:10 - but the annoying thing is the webcam worked in previous
versions of Ubuntu and it works for every other webcam application including Sk**e!

When you say it worked, do you mean that Ekiga itself worked?

Eugen Dedu

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