Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga sip account configuration assistant

On 16/03/11 19:24, mattes wrote:
Installed ekiga-3.2.7 last nite on fedora 13.
The installation is guided by the configuration assistant.

To test ekiga with SIP I created an account at

The setup/account did not work. Calling the echo test contact failed with
'could not register unauthorized'.

Here the initial account setup:

   name:       BROKEN
   user:                mattes1501
   authentication user: sip:mattes1501 ekiga net
   password:            ***
   timeout:             3600

Looks good to me, but nogo.
So after tinkering for a while, i ran across a picture in the
help documentation, that showed different account setup.

I was able to setup "add an" account which only asks for the
username and password.  This account worked immediately. echo test works
fine now:

Looking at the new account information it list the following:

   name:                ekiga.net2
   user:                mattes1501
   authentication user: mattes1501
   password:            ***
   timeout:             3600

I think it initially went wrong on the initial setup.
I must have put in the 'mattes1501 ekiga net' as a user name.
Then later I changed it to 'mattes1501', not knowing how that relates to
the 'authentication user' entry.

Hope that helps to other to figure it out quicker.

Maybe something could be done in the app (configuration assistant) to
avoid such mistakes right from the getgo.

Thank you.

I think this is fixed with commit, which adds tooltips to various fields in dialogs. Look at for example for the tooltips.

Eugen Dedu

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