Re: [Ekiga-list] Hard crash, lost all account and contacts on reboot

On 20/03/11 23:01, David Woodfall wrote:
I hard a lock up while watching a video. On reboot fsck cleared some
orphaned inodes. On starting ekiga the config wizard started up, which
I cancelled. I have lost all my accounts and contacts.

I don't have a recent enough backup of my home to be of any use but it
won't be too hard to put accounts and contacts back in.

Question is, where does ekiga store this stuff anyway? I'm guessing
it's gconf? What is a good way of backing up gconf so I could restore
just ekiga settings if I needed to?

All the settings are in ~/.gconf/apps/ekiga .

You can backup this directory. When you need to restore it, be sure to kill gconf and remove ~/.gconfd before restoring that directory.


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