Re: [Ekiga-list] H225RAS Write PDU failed (0): No such file or directory

On 23/02/11 20:52, Ryan Chi wrote:
I have a user who is trying to call one of our conference rooms but is getting:

H225RAS          Write PDU failed (0): No such file or directory

He says his firewall is configured properly. That message seems to appear twice during each attempt to call the conference room. After the first appearance, the next line is:

H225 Caller:0x32b07700 RAS     Endpoint has become unregistered during ARQ from gatekeeper

And after the second appearance, the next line are:

RAS     Failed registration of  with
H225     Gatekeeper refused admission:<850417984>

Where/what is the PDU trying to write to? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry to answer so late.

It is trying to write it to the network card, so it is an issue on the machine, nothing to do with the network.

I cannot test H323, so please post a bug report at, hoping that someone will fix it eventually.

If you have programming knowledge, the error message is printed in opal library, file

I have already seen this error (Write PDU failed: No such file or directory), if I remember well it was fixed by 3.2.7, or maybe still an open issue...


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