Re: [Ekiga-list] How can I get non-free video codecs. ekiga 3.2.7 ubuntu 10.10

On 14/01/11 08:20, Gérard Vidal wrote:

Le 13/01/2011 22:01, Eugen Dedu a écrit :
On 10/01/11 21:25, Gérard Vidal wrote:

Le 09/01/2011 17:00, Eugen Dedu a écrit :
On 09/01/11 01:22, Gérard Vidal wrote:
I have to communicate through H323 with h263-1998 codec ( to join a
meeting on a codian bridge).
I have installed ekiga 3.2.7 on my ubuntu maverick (Dell precision
M2400), it works fine but displays only codec H261 and Theora. I have
read informations on this page but it
seems to be outdated.
I have tried many things including full rebuild of latest version but
nothing works.

Does anybody have a solution or any track to follow.

Your case is not simple.  First, because there are some bug reports
about H323 not working in ekiga in some cases, see bugzilla.

Also, because for these non-free codecs you need tom compile ffmpeg
yourself, because distributions strip them out.

Finally, because h263-1998 crashes when using ffmpeg last version, see
bugzilla again (bug for H263); however, if you choose a repository for
ffmpeg of about 1.5 years ago, it should work, see the same bug report.

Are you motivated to test it?
Some more information!
I am back at home, I did not touch anything on ekiga or the computer
that was not able to connect from my office.... It connects perfectly to
a codian bridge in h323 as yesterday.
FFmpeg version 0.6-4:0.6-2ubuntu6 (from ubuntupackage) Karmic 10.10
Connection is stable I can use Ctrl+1 Ctrl+2 Ctrl+3 Ctrl+4 but ekiga
crashes when I try to change view with the mouse other buttons are OK

Again, for the crash we need the gdb stack backtrace.

Should it be a blocked port issue ? How can I check this please ?

The simplest solution to see what happens is to look at the output of
ekiga -d 4, see

I dropped it on the wrong place sorry about that.
here is it again.

Sorry to answer so late, this was fixed by


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