Re: [Ekiga-list] Nikolai Cassanova: Can anyone recommend a great residential sip phone

On 03/04/2011 10:57 AM, Nikolai Cassanova wrote:
Hi, wanted to know if anyone out there in ekiga network could recommend a great sip phone for residential use, thats low priced. As I am looking into setting up for my house phone connection using voip/sip capabilities from my verion fios router. Thanks in advance.

Or if anyone who has done this already for there homes, can point me in a direction to get more information on how i would go about changing my home phone into a voip/sip phone.
At work and home, we use what's called an ATA adapter. I've used Motorola and Linksys brands. You plug in to ethernet, configure via web interface with VOIP login, etc, then connect POTS phones to your old fashioned POTS home wiring. The adapters are about $20 for 2 analog lines, and typically support FAX pass through on one of the ports as well.

For a real SIP phones that have an LCD and connect only to ethernet, Linksys has one for $100 that my coworker uses. Some have a built in switch in case you have only one ethernet outlet at your desk (so you can connect your computer as well).

I run Ekiga on a netbook for my "SIP phone". Works great. Even on the 500Mhz OLPC XO-1, audio is crystal clear and snappy. (On the XO-1, the CPU can support video in one direction only. Enabling the second camera overloads the CPU!)

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