Re: [Ekiga-list] Disconnect after about 30 sec

Note that the Opal H.261 codec is very, very simple-minded. It could well be that it is too simple for the other end :)

Thanks Craig, that helped narrowed it down but unfortunately does not yield a solution. If I disable video it stays connected. The problem is while the Tandberg supports many codecs Ekiga only had Theora and H.261 installed on Redhat. Many hours later after compiling up a version of Opal that has all the nice codecs I finally go to try one of the others and they are ALL flagged SIP only no H.323!!

Is there a way to make the other video codecs work with H.323?

The Tandberg units support:

Digital Signaling Protocol:           H.323, H.320
Data Compression Protocol: G.711, G.728, G.722, H.261, H.263, H.264, H.263+

So SIP is not an option.



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