Re: [Ekiga-list] Can't connect to robot sipomatic

Le 31/05/2011 22:34, I wrote:

> Ekiga 3.2.7 and sipomatic are running on the same machine with Mandriva
> 2010.2 32 bits distribution.
> Stun is disabled. Video is disabled. I am not registered to any registrar.
> Only sound codecs PCMA and PCMU are activated and not any video codec. Sound
> is working.
> When I call sip:robot@ I only get this message after some time
> at the bottom of main ekiga window: "Impossible de se connecter au
> correspondant distant".

To-day I dumped streams on lo interface with wireshark while calling
sipomatic robot.
The main difference I see between Ekiga's calls and Linphone's ones is that,
using Ekiga, rtp streams go from to while, using
successfully Linphone, rtp streams go from to

Perhaps this is the beginning of an indication ?

In this dump, Stun is disabled and Ekiga-3.3.0 isn't registered anywhere:

In that one, Stun is enabled ( and Ekiga-3.3.0 is registered
only at

There, Linphone is registered only at and STUN is enabled

Any help from anybody will be very appreciated.

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