[Ekiga-list] I Hear U Project (Feature/Plugin Request)

I have been using, for the last 6 month, the most simple VoIP client
application that I have ever been using, it is called IHU!

IHU is a Voice over IP (VoIP) application for Linux (using Qt3), that
creates an audio stream between two computers easily and with the
minimal traffic on the network.

The possibilities of use of IHU are endless, for example you can use it
like a phone to talk with your friends all around the world, or at
home/work, to talk between computers in the LAN (talkback), etc.
 | Ekiga can be used to communicate with IP only over LAN
 | For instance: sip:user@
 | Currently, it is not possible, yet, to speak with Ekiga with
 | IP only over WAN (over the Internet)

Peer-to-Peer: the communication takes place directly between the
computers (UDP and TCP both supported), without need of session
protocols (such as SIP or H323) or other servers in the middle.

Crypted stream: you have also the possibility to Encrypt/Decrypt the
stream using a fast hybrid cryptographic system (RSA + Blowfish)
Command-line support: the GUI is not strictly necessary, you can run
also a textual IHU from command-line (for example if you need to run
the program on remote computers).

Can anybody write a Plugin or add to Ekiga a feature to communicate in
the same way that IHU does?

If you want to test it, there is a standalone package that can be run
directly from a USB stick (no installation is required!)
0.6.0 i386 binary linked with static libs
2550 KB

Just enter the IP address of your friend and start to chat!
The quality is better than Skype, since IHU is using Speex :-)

[An emergency call!] This feature will be very beneficial in cases when
one of the intermediate SIP servers is down ^_^

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