Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga and Polycom systems

On 08/13/11 02:55 AM, William C. MacKinnon - bill wrote:

Hello.  We have a Polycom HDX 6000 Videoconferencing system in one of our conference rooms.  We would like to enable individual users to connect to this system for videoconferencing purposes from their webcam enabled PCs.  Will Ekiga work for this?  If so, can someone tell me how?  I installed ekiga and attempted to dial our polycom system but the software seems to want to connect to only other users.





Hi Bill,

SIP or H323? I have access to a Polycom VSX-8400 and H323 calls to it *sort* of worked - I got garbled/frozen video at the time I tested it (with Ekiga running on a netbook) and haven't had the time since to look into it further, but setting up calls etc. seemed to work.

I haven't tested SIP with the Polycom, but have with a Sony PCS-XG80 - again I ran into what looked like a video codec issue between it and Ekiga, but calling seemed to otherwise work okay; one does however have to set a SIP address in the Sony using the web admin interface. I used a address in this case but I can't think off the top of my head why a SIP address from another free provider wouldn't also work.

I am keen to get some hardware-based systems added to the Ekiga Wiki so if we can nut this out it would be great.


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