Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga via VPN (PPTP)

Thanks for your replies.

There is a need for me to use Ekiga, even with my VPN connection of my
universities network. I started Ekiga in debug mode. Attached you'll
find the error output.



2011/4/19 Stuart Gathman <stuart gathman org>:
> On 04/18/2011 02:06 PM, orschiro googlemail com wrote:
>> Can nobody help me out?
>> 2011/4/16  <orschiro gmail com>:
>>> Hello guys,
>>>> Ekiga is working smoothly with my SIP-Account when I connect over a
>>>> normal wireless connection. But whenever I'm connected to my network
>>>> via VPN (PPTP), Ekiga isn't able to connect to it.
>>>> Unfortunately there is no error message except the notice beneath the
>>>> qualtity rating: "sip@XXXX can't be logged in"
>>>> Is there a way to use Ekiga 3.2.7 (on Ubuntu 10.10) via a VPN connection?
> Easy - don't use your SIP-Account.  There is no need for a SIP-Account
> when you are connecting via VPN.  And the SIP Service certainly knows
> nothing about your VPN and has no access to it.  That is the point of a
> VPN.
> To connect to another SIP client over VPN, just use sip:user@192.168.x.x
> Now perhaps you are trying to connect to a public IP via the SIP
> service, and just happen to be running a VPN at the same time.  This
> probably means that your VPN software is redirecting the default route
> to the VPN.  You'll have to take that up with whatever VPN software you
> are using.  Ekiga has nothing to do with it.
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