Re: [Ekiga-list] Another problem (communicating with contacts)

On 19/02/11 04:40, Anthony Papillion wrote:
Hello again everyone,

I have ANOTHER problem...

My Ekiga name is cajuntechie. A friend added me to his contact list. In
the 'name' field, he put 'Anthony' and in the SIP field he put my full
SIP address (cajuntechie ekiga net). It added me to his contact list.
Next, he tried to send me a text message and it said "NOTICE: could not
send message". He can NEVER send me a message using my entry on his
contact list. If I send him a message, it will open up another tab in
his chat window showing my SIP address and we can communicate from there.

What the heck is going on? Can anyone offer some advice?

Sorry to answer so late. We need the debug output (-d 4) taken by the person who receives "Could not send message". (By the way, this means that the other peer is offline.)

Eugen Dedu

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