Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga on RedHat/ScientificLinux 6.0

On 01/04/11 00:38, Bluejay Adametz wrote:
After wrestling with trying to get pidgin to do GoolgleTalk video
chat, and further attempts with the GoogleTalk plugin with Firefox,
all with very little success on Scientific Linux 6.0 (clone of RedHat
EL6), I thought I'd try out ekiga.

On two different machines (one laptop, one desktop, both 32-bit), with
two different webcams (Logitec and Microsoft) and different sound
cards, ekiga-3.2.6-3.el6.i686), ekiga doesn't seem to be able to find
any sound or video devices. The only options I get for audio devices
is "SILENT" and the only option I get for video is "Moving Logo".
Running ekiga with debug output just shows that it's detecting SILENT
and Moving Logo when I click detect devices.

On both machines both cameras work (tested with cheese) and the audio
works fine with a variety of applications (including, sort of, kind
of, pidgin).

I found this bug report against EL6, suggesting that RedHat doesn't
have a lot of interest in looking at this:

See the comment I posted on that bug.


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