Re: [Ekiga-list] video h263/h264 in ubuntu

On 22/09/10 22:43, Jacobo Urdiales wrote:

Hello everybody!
I am a very happy ubuntu user. Nowadays I use the 10.04 Lucid version
and would like to use my webcam to transfer video using SIP and H263.
I noticed the though ekiga supports it in linux we need to install the
mp4 libraries in order for ekiga to recognise them.
So I installed ffmpeg and libopal (using the debian repositories for
installing ekiga it also downloads the latest libopal...) but still only
appears h261 and thedora.
Also tried to download the source, tried to build on my system but still
keeps on asking for dependancies issues ...

The point is, does it really support h26-3/4?
Wich is the way to get those codecs in ubuntu?

Since about one year, these two codecs do not work in ekiga anymore, as shown in bugzilla and various e-mails in mailing lists.

I advise you to install ffmpeg from say April 2009 and compile opal and ekiga with it, it should work.


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