[Ekiga-list] Client compatibility with ekiga.net

While running some server-client compatibility tests I found that linphone and ekiga.net seem to  be incompatible.
Ekiga.net refuses to register the client linphone with the message:
"Registration on sip:ekiga.net failed: Not Acceptable"

Analysis of the logs suggests that this registration refusal may be related to the fact that ekiga.net expects the firewall IP to be used in the contact header while Linphone sends the LAN IP.

Here are the relevant logs:

Ekiga 2.0.12:
Contact: <sip:antonio palama XXX XXX XXX XXX:5063;transport=udp>

Linphone 2.1.1:
Contact: <sip:antonio palama 192 168 1 2:5060;line=d39e84bba5f2cbd>

Could somebody confirm that this is the reason for which ekiga.net refuses registration?

Best reagrds,

Antonio Palamà
 <palama inwind it>

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