Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga on Ubuntu using DSL

kapetr wrote:
> Hello,
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>> Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 21:55:03 +0100
>> From: Eugen Dedu <Eugen Dedu pu-pm univ-fcomte fr>
>> To: Ekiga mailing list <ekiga-list gnome org>
>> Subject: Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga on Ubuntu using DSL
>> 302G D-Link modem
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>> kapetr wrote:
>>> The reason, why You can't communicate with Ekiga
>>> behind Yours D-link
>>>> is simple.
>>> I have report this Bug many times in many places.
>>>> I have also try to contact the author of Ekiga.
>>> Unfortunately - I have get NO replay anytime !!!
>>> The problem with Ekiga is, IT DO NOT WORK BEHIND
>>> NAT.
>> You mean Symmetric nat...
> No, I don't - Ekiga works not behind normal, "(port) restricted NAT".
>>> The use of STUN is broken:
>>> Ekiga makes STUN request, but in INVITE (SDP section)
>>> send only discovered
>>>> public IP address, but the Port for RTM sends to
>>> the other side as the
>>>> local one, not that is reported by STUN replay !!
>>> You can check it in wireshark - see the SIP INVITE
>>> packet.
>>> I can NOT understand, how such significant Bug is
>>> ignored by developers
>>>> of Ekiga !!! And especially, why have I get no replays
>>> from them :-(
>> Where is this bug report?
> e.g. here: 
> There is also saved tcpdump output - You can check, that it s True.
> I have report it also direct to dsandras seconix com  

For upstream bugs (like this one) the best solution is to report the bug
to ekiga bugzilla (better than to the main developer privately), not be
scattered to ubuntu, debian, fedora and so on.

Thanks for it, I will find a way to solve/analyse it.

For info, I have a port restricted nat and ekiga works, so not all such
users are unfortunate like you :o)


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