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Hi, I'm glad it is working to You.

Yes, I know, what iptel says about NAT - this is what I wrote and I thing
that this workaround works (maybe :-) as I have described.

About that "bridge" mode of Yours modem, I had also thing about it
before I have write to You my previous post.

Of course - it is also solution, but do not forget, that NAT router is
additional barricade between You and Internet and if Yours software
FW on PC is switched Off (e.g. by virus) or is setuped bad, ...

Also - if You will have a cup of time in Future, try Yours modem again
in "routing" mode (with NAT (and FW) enabled) - the VoIP (SIP) communication
should work as I wrote. I hope :-)

Good luck


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> Hi kapetr,
> I now have twinkle working thanks to your suggestions
> !
> I created a sip account with as you recommended,
> entered these
> sip details into the various settings of twinkle, dialed
> the test sip
> address ' sip:music iptel org ' as commanded, and music
> then began to
> play through my system. It's a miracle. I even managed
> to 'telephone' a
> buddy with twinkle after he created his own
> account - sound
> quality is excellent.
> My DSL 302G modem seems to need a 'bridging mode' to
> work properly -
> otherwise the outside world is inaccessible. Resetting
> the modem to
> default settings as suggested would eliminate the bridging
> configuration
> and make the modem unable to contact other computers.
> So I have twinkle
> working even though I still have this modem in a bridging
> configuration.
> Why does an sip account work and not an Ekiga
> account with my
> DSL modem? The following information found on the
> site might
> provide a clue:
> " There is a STUN server running on
> or
> For the SIP service, STUN is not required,
> because there
> is a server side NAT traversal solution in place. "
> Well, thanks kapetr for your invaluable help. If we
> were living in
> ancient times I'd now be obligated to give you several
> goats or half of
> my crops. Unfortunately I have neither crops nor goats.
> All I can give
> you is a 'thank you'.
> All the best.

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