Re: [Ekiga-list] destructive Ekiga Win-XP un-install

My Name wrote:
> I just tried it, and I can confirm.
> By default, Ekiga just tried to install itself in
> C:\Documents and Settings\<My Login\Ekiga
> I didn't try it to see what might be deleted on uninstalling.  Regardless, THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT PLACE FOR AN INSTALLATION!
> As a gentle hint, did anyone actually try the whole package before releasing it for Windows?

Well, I personally am not involved at all in the windows version, but
the person who released it has of course tested it several months.

So to resume:
- it seems, at least on some machines, it offers to install in MyDocs,
which is wrong
- it seems that uninstalling it removes the whole MyDocs directory,
which is wrong
- open question: if installed in ProgFiles for ex., does uninstallation
work as expected or it still try to remove the whole ProgFiles?


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