Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga software older versions.

On 30/12/10 04:22, João Moreira wrote:

I need to install Ekiga under Windows ME version, but the problem is that the newest version does not install under older windows versions...

I have installed Ekiga under Ubuntu and is version 2.0.12 and I phone to computers under Windows 7 using the latest Ekiga and works just fine, both the audio and video... But, in my opinion, has long the audio feature, of older versions to the newest version, works, I think it is a valid version...

Why not keep a link to older versions in the download page at Why? Because older OS needs older versions!

Can you inform from what URL can I download older versions of ekiga to Windows ME or Windows 98?

I have saved an older version, you can find it here: . Tell us if it works. I have no other interesting old version.

snoopy:~$ md5sum ekiga-setup-3.0.2beta-7316.exe
10390627462997417272562eb2b90ad6  ekiga-setup-3.0.2beta-7316.exe

Eugen Dedu

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