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Encryption is becoming crucial for safety, with anyone from the IRS Tax people to the criminal web community looking for information.

I think you can use Zimmerman's Zphone.

I have not tried it, but it should work OK. There is a lot of this coming on stream now, to protect and for personal security and safety.  I hear about some apps for Android.

Remember though that there are three pieces of information the bad guys are looking for, identity of originator or sender, content and recipient. You need to hide at least two of them, so you are best combining a voice scrambler and a VPN. Best is an onion type VPN as Tor.

The best solution is to use a voice scrambler that is a separate physical unit from the PC and so independent of the VOIP software, as a different PC not connected to the internet and with analog connection the the internet PC only. It is very easy to place a Trojan on your computer that compromise the encryption, and the bad guys pay the virus checker companies not to include it in their searches. Tragically, a lot of bad guys out there are looking for your information today, especially bank and financial information. There have been several murders and kidnapping the last year following stolen financial information, so take care. Windows itself is unsafe as it has been designed for surveillance. Use Linux as far as possible.

On 27-Dec-2010 2:03 AM, Grigory Sarnitskiy wrote:

Wikipedia ( says there is no encryption in Ekiga. I'm pretty dumb in all that security stuff, but still I want to have some level of encryption. How do I secure my conversations?
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