[Ekiga-list] need help in developing

hi all,
i'm a final year I.T engg student.. i've taken up PORTING EKIGA INTO ANDROID OS as my main project, and i'm seeking help from the developers regarding this..

here is wat i've learnt so far about this project..
1) the code for ekiga is currently in CPP and it has to converted into java ( to be used with android)
2) the data files should be compressed( txt, audio,image and video)
3) port the new code in the application layer of the android os.
wat else are required for this??
i request the support of the developers in this.. i 've learnt that there are works going on to make ekiga "mobile" .. i also feel the need for the same and want to be a part of the team..

wat all should i have to do to get a start.. right now. i'm just at level 0.. ( sry.. but i'm just understanding the source code of ekiga)

thanks in advance

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