[Ekiga-list] ship ekiga with static ffmpeg and x264 libs?


H263 and H263+ codecs have been broken in ekiga for quite a while (maybe a year?) due to API changes in ffmpeg and x264. 
I don't know if these codecs will work again with the upcoming 3.3. release, but they're really quite important for me.

To avoid these kinds of problems in the future, wouldn't it feasible to ship the required ffmpeg and x264 version with 
ekiga and link in these libs statically? Or it could be a compile option to use the shipped ffmpeg version or link 
dynamically to what is installed on the system. 
Even if the packages would become a bit bigger, I wouldn't care at all, but at least you wouln't have to hold your 
breath after each ffmpeg update whether these codecs still work or not.



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