Re: [Ekiga-list] VoipCheap calls does not work

On 21/08/10 22:00, D.P. wrote:
Hi, all

Ekiga easily registers in VoipCheap network, but I can`t make calls.
It waits for some time and then stop call without any sound and messages.
Twinkle do this task from the same box, I just don`t like his interface.

I`ve found some topics in ubuntuforums by 2007 year, but they did`nt helped me, there`s just an  explanation where to fill "" and login+password )

Any thoughts?

Archlinux 64-bit
kernel 2.6.34-pf7
Ekiga version 3.2.7
Twinkle version 1.4.2
I made calls when box been on real ip.

Try checking off all the video codecs and make a call.

If it does not work, make a bug report on bugzilla and attach the -d 4 output.


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