[Ekiga-list] Got 3cxphone to work with ekiga.net

Hi, this is for Kojiro who wanted to get a way to get 3cxphone app on
android market to work and stay registered with ekiga.net well this is
what I did to get the 3cxphone app to work on my android phone

Profile name: ekiga
user: your username from your ekiga.net account
password: ********
internal server: username ekig net
external server: ekiga.net
stun server "remains the same":stun3.3cx.com

Go into integration and select Enable 3G and log call records

Go into audio settings and select echo cancellation and silence

Go into audio codecs and select all the codecs

Go into advance and select enable NAT and proxy should be left blank
Then click save.

Thats what my settings are and it works for me and never unregisters
once it registers the first time.

The calls come through and you hear a little ring and thats it which is
a let down because i wish 3cxphone used the default ringer on my phone
or had an louder ringer or vibrate option. 

Hope that helps

Nikolai Gauntlet Cassanova <ncassanova11 gmail com>

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