Re: [Ekiga-list] nikolai: Wanted to know if it was okay to use ekiga 3.2.7 over my current 3.2.6

On 14/08/10 20:32, Palo S. wrote:

So there is no way to work around the bug of ekiga stop working after
some time, the only solution is to restart every time.

With 3.2.6, I get the problems of Ekiga randomly not receiving
calls, not quiting normally, not ringing etc only after the
first call - at least I never noticed them before the first
call. Thus restarting after every call is a workaround for me.
With 3.2.7, Ekiga did not receive calls also before the
first call. But perhaps this behaviour is only specific
for my setup...

There was a bug when ekiga won't receive calls when ih has previously received a call while in communication, but it was fixed in 3.2.7 cf. Maybe it has not been fixed completely...

As soon as I catch a log of the 3.2.7 regression, I'll send
them, however at the moment I use 3.2.6...


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