Re: [Ekiga-list] Text chat window pop-up?

On 11/08/10 02:43, Dave Koelmeyer wrote:
Hi All,

Just started to use Ekiga on Ubuntu Linux, OpenSolaris and Windows as a possible
replacement candidate for Skype - very much liking what I'm seeing so far! :) I
have a few questions and problems which I'll post about in the next few weeks
which I hope someone can advise me on, starti

I have two machines on the home network, one running OpenSolaris snv_134 x64 the
other running Ubuntu Linux 10.04LTS x86. Both are running version 3.2.6 of
Ekiga. I haven't configured a SIP account (through for either, but
logged in to each Ekiga client I can see the usernames of my two test users
(User A and User B) appearing in the "Neighbours" group of my contact roster, so
mDNS appears to be is working at both ends (video calling works great but I am
getting ahead of myself).

If I select the user at either end in the "Neighbours" group and start a text
chat, would I expect the user at the other end to be presented with a pop-up
window containing the text message? At present this is what I see:

- User A starts a text chat with User B
- User B does not see a new pop-up window with User A's message contents - in
fact there is no UI feedback at all
- If User B then selects User A from their "Neighbours" group and starts a new
text chat, the contents of User A's message are visible in User B's text chat
window in a separate tab

Is this normal behaviour?

I think the only notification is that the icon on the task bar changes and blinks, is that right? I agree that this is insufficient. It should be better to show the chat window also. Please post a bug report.


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