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Hi Bob

I was connecting to a SIP account provider in New Zealand (
The initial SIP account registered fine and I could call their support number (SIP) without any issue.
When I tried to configure a 'Call out' within Ekiga using the same account details the thing broke down completely.
When I rang them for support I found I didn't need the special 'Call out' within Ekiga - just the standard account registered enabled me to make calls to regular phones.

I'm suggesting of course that you may not need any special 'Call out' functionality in Ekiga.  Check with the support people at VoipDiscount.


On 22 April 2010 07:09, Bob Goodwin <bobgoodwin wildblue net> wrote:
On 21/04/10 15:56, Simos Xenitellis wrote:
security check failed

According to

it mentions to add yourself to the 'voice' group.
You can do this by opening System»Administration»User&Groups
and adding your username to the 'voice' group. Then, re-login (or restart).

I don't see any "voice" in groups? If Ekiga was supposed to create it it did not.



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