Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga support for H.263

Le mardi 22 septembre 2009 à 15:19 +0530, sudheer divakaran wipro com a
écrit :
> >> Hi List,
> >> I have installed the latest Ekiga and opal,ptlib libraries. I have
> compiled the H.263 plugin in >>opal as well with its dependencies in
> TWO machines. But, still, Ekiga doesn't use H.263 codec >eventhough I
> have enabled and make it as the first one in the preferences window.
> It always uses >>the codec H.261.  I have tried to disable H.261 so
> that it will use the remaining codec (H.263) >>but in that case video
> was not even coming. What could be wrong with my setup? Here are the
> >>packages I am using
> >> ekiga-3.2.5
> >> opal-3.6.4
> >> ptlib-2.6.4
> >> ffmpeg-libs-0.5-2
> >> x264-libs-0.0.0-0.24
> >This is not normal.  Do both endpoints have h263 enabled?  Please
> send
> >us the -d 4 output.  If possible, use svn/git stable, not tarball.
> >--
> >Eugen
> Both endpoints have h263 enabled. Pls find the attached log file..
> When I use H.263 codec, I am not able to see the 'Moving logo' OR
> 'video from web cam' on BOTH sides. i.e., I am not even able to see
> the local video (Menu  'View->Local Video' is disabled).

>From the log you can see that the remote endpoint does not have H.263
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