Re: [Ekiga-list] no audio/video with counterpart on line

* Eugen Dedu <Eugen Dedu pu-pm univ-fcomte fr> [301009, 23:24]:
> Ennio-Sr wrote:
> > * Eugen Dedu <Eugen Dedu pu-pm univ-fcomte fr> [231009, 21:55]:
> >> Ennio-Sr wrote:
> > 
> > However, the 'remote video' is  still grayed out and I can only see
> > myself on the screen...
> Hi,
> If you need help, you should tell us what you do (call 500, or call
> another person?), what is wrong, and send us the -d 4 output...  (and
> also what works)

Well, I must say there are some progress as far as video is concerned:
after many trials I discorevered it could depend from the router
(NETGEAR DG834GT) Firewall Rules. After changing the 'Outbound Services'
allowed IP from the router's to 'Any' I did an Echo Test and when the
'voice' stopped talking I could see that the remaining video tags became
clicable, including the remote video.
I cannot be sure it fully works because I received no video from the
Echo Test site and do not know whether there should be one. 
Anyway , that was an important step.

Then I made an attempt to talk with my son (using Ekiga on
Win$ows): I could ear his voice but couldn't see him while he could
neither see nor ear me. Unfortunately I don't know if and how it is is
possible to obtain a '-d 4 log' in W$ ...

Finally, I made some experiments (around 8.00 p.m. GMT):
Having one main PC connected to the router and  a laptop with a wireless
connection to the same router I was able to make a Skype  call between
the two: video and audio worked perfectly.
I tried the same with Ekiga without success (I took so many -d 4 logs
that it is now difficult for me to establish which one is the good one,
but I will repeat this test  and will follow up ASAP). This failure was
happening in very strange circumstances:
1. both the PC and laptop users (different names, of course) appeared as
   'registered' at, however they could not see the other one
   was in line (not even messages went through) although each of them
   could do an ekiga test with success.
2. searching the users on the gave '0 users found' result!

(On past occasions the users appeared as 'found' and each user appeared
as 'on line using Ekiga' on the other user's display, but that was
before changing the Firewall Rules as said above).

I can go ahead making further tests (if you think thay make sense for
the Community) but would appreciate a clarification about what I should
expect from Ekiga Test concerning the 'Remote Video', i.e. should I see
any remote video?, and to points 1  and 2 above.

Thanks for now.

[Why use Win$ozz (I say) if ... "even a fool can do that.          \\?//
 Do something you aren't good at!" (as Henry Miller used to say)]  (°|°)
Regards, Ennio.                                                     )=(

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