[Ekiga-list] 2 Lines, having a preferred one


I am new to this list and ekiga in general. We are getting a new VoIP PBX at my office (Cisco Call Manager 7) and I am testing ekiga with it.

I have 2 Lines on my hardphone and also got the 2 lines as 2 Accounts registered in Ekiga. Now I have the problem, that when I enter a number to call in the main window, I never know which line get's used. It seems it always uses the line that is registered before.

Is there a possibility to specify a preferred dial-out line? From the Address-Book->right click I can choose which line to use.

Another issue is that both lines are on the same SIP Server (same IP). Since we have a redundant setup, I use the redundant server for my second line (other IP) since when I have both lines on the same server, ekiga seems to have serious troubles.

Thanks for your help

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