Re: [Ekiga-list] Error while opening audio input device Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Pro 9000

I will ask on Arch mailing list/forums.  I don't know much about those things but Skype doesn't have any problems with built in microphone... That's why I think module is already loaded, but I'll check.
> Unable to open the selected audio device for recording. In case it is
> a pluggable device it may be sufficient to reconnect it. If not, or if
> it still is not accessible, please check your audio setup, the
> permissions and that the device is not busy.
> I tried to unplug and plug back the usb but the story is the same. Can
> you help me to get this camera to work?

You probably need to ask on a mailing list or forum dedicated to your
linux distribution.

My best guess would be that the usb audio module is not loaded. But I do
not know its name. Maybe snd-usb-audio ?

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