Re: [Ekiga-list] LPC10

Damien Sandras schrieb:
Le mardi 13 octobre 2009 à 00:28 +0200, W.P. a écrit :
Użytkownik Damien Sandras napisał:
Le dimanche 20 septembre 2009 à 08:58 +1000, Nichol Hill a écrit :
I am in need of running LPC10 with Sip on a windows box. The codec compatabiity table for Ekiga seems to suggest this is supported, but I can not see LPC10 in the list of codecs. Can sombody please confirm if the Windows version of Ekiga supports LPC10.
It doesn't. You will need to modify the code for it to work. Notice it
is supported by OPAL (the underlying library), so it is not hard to make
it work.
Damien, some years ago we conducted tests with version 2.xx of ekiga on
Linux and there WAS an option of LPC10 codec.
You even set up for some time to support it. (Altrough tests
failed -> I tested possibility of VoIP on GPRS link).
Was it only on Linux?

It can be reenabled on Linux, but you need to recompile ekiga and change
a line (do a grep LPC-10 on the source code and remove the appropriate

I have reenabled LPC-10 for my latest Win32 pre build of what may become the next stable Ekiga release. Go to and look for 3.2.pre7 Release . If you try it please let us know your how it performed.

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