[Ekiga-list] Re (2): donations ; was ekiga.net


Date:	Wed, 14 Oct 2009 19:44:38 +0200
> Yes Paypal works (see the button).


google "site:ekiga.net paypal" yields just a remark in a forum.
  Free your Speech A> Welcome to the video world of GnomeMeeting!
  To the happy gnomemeeting users around here: please consider 
  supporting the gnomemeeting developpement by donating a few 
  bucks (click on the paypal logo ...
  blog.ekiga.net/?p=18 - Cached - Similar

google "site:ekiga.org paypal" yields,
  Your search - site:ekiga.org paypal - did not match any documents. 
Can there be a PayPal button beside MasterCard, Visa 
and AmEx on http://www.ekiga.org/?

Thanks,           ... Peter E.

Google "pathology workshop"

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