Re: [Ekiga-list] some issues in current ekiga 3.2.6

Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:
> Hi,
> the following could be just pilot errors. I'm not yet a power user of
> ekiga but need a reliable SIP client.
> So I started to test 3.2.6 with Gnome 2.28pre but ran into some issues
> which makes it not really usable currently. I'm trying to call a
> physical phone through a VOIP provider (1und1) (and receive calls from
> this account later).
> Pretty often after a call I cannot place another one. The dial button
> just does nothing. There is no visual/audio feedback at all. ekiga just
> sits there doing nothing when I click.

I think this bug was fixed twice :o), it seems it re-appears.  Could
yousend us the -d 4 output?

> I was able to place one call yet. All the following trials were working
> but when the partner picked up there was no sound anymore. The dialtone

This might be the "more than 1500 bytes message" bug, please send the -d
4 to analyse.

> was still there but then it stopped. Trying to hangup the call resulted
> in a frozen ekiga which had to be killed forcefully.

Please send us a gdb backtrace, see the wiki debugging section.


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