[Ekiga-list] how to pick up the phone

Hello. I am using ekiga 3.0.1 on OpenSuSE 11. In the setup wizard I
choose no for both ekiga.net account and out-calling service because I
intend to use it mostly in our LAN.

The other host in the LAN runs ekiga 2.0.12 on Ubuntu 8.04, configured
to use an ekiga.net account and logged in as that account.

Issue one: if I call the other host by either double click the person
name in neighbors or calling sip: (the other host's IP
address), the other host ekiga would not ring, on my host the green call
out button, after clicked, become disabled for 4 seconds and back green.

Issue two: if I call from the other host to this host by using
sip: (my IP address), my host ekiga rings, but I do not
know how to pick up the phone, as there is no message or window showing
incoming call, and no button for pick up phone calls, nothing on the UI
changes except the ring tone in speaker. I tried to click everywhere on
ekiga not being able to pick up the call.

I also could not use ekiga help (press F1 nothing happens), but that
might be an opensuse bug.

do you see something on the UI to click to when there is an incoming


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