[Ekiga-list] Follow-up: Any problems with ekiga-3.x and siproxd-0.7?


I've mananged to make an outgoing call to another ekiga.net user, although the call dropped out after 30 seconds. (It remained connected, although we stopped exchanging packets.) An incoming call did not work at all, although that could easily have been a problem with my router.

The last time that I had the "dropped call after 30 seconds" problem, we solved it by calling each other directly and removing ekiga.net from the loop.

Another thing I've noticed with ekiga-3.2.4 is that playing the "New instant message" sound from the Preferences generates an error message dialogue. That can't be right...

Anyway, I'm downgrading to the Fedora 11 packages again. But it looks like there are problems at ekiga.net.


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