Re: [Ekiga-list] Getting "Registration failed: forbidden" with my account

Jacob Beard wrote:

I seem to be getting a message that says "Registration failed:
forbidden" every time I try to connect to my account. This
only started happening very recently and corresponded, to some
technical trouble I was having that was resolved after I reinstalled
Ekiga (on Ubuntu Hardy). I have another SIP account on the provider
voipstunt, and that's been working fine. I just changed my password as
well, to ensure that that was not the issue. Running ekiga -d 4 does
not seem to yield any interesting output (no output that reacts to
registration either way).

I don't believe has an admin interface, so I don't know what
steps I can take to further troubleshoot this. My account is
otakuj462 ekiga net  I'd greatly appreciate if someone could let me

Send us the -d 4 output file, as show on the wiki site, debugging.


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