Re: [Ekiga-list] Questions regarding Ekiga function


Le samedi 16 mai 2009 à 13:02 -0400, Volker Bradley a écrit :
> Hi,
> Am using Ekiga 3.2.0 on a T43p Lenovo Thinkpad with Kubuntu Jaunty.
> Just made a call to a cell phone using Ekiga Call Out which uses my
> account.
> I noticed that both the other party and I had to be careful to wait
> until the other person stopped talking or else some of the
> conversation was cut off.
> The result was a somewhat strained conversation.
> Is that the normal behavior for Ekiga?  Can this be corrected by using
> a different codec?  Any other suggestions?

That's not a normal behavior. You could indeed check what codec is used,
and use a codec using less bandwidth like GSM. Also make sure there is
no video transmitted at all.
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