Re: [Ekiga-list] EKiga windows + Sphere AF.

Benjamin Lauret wrote:
Hi Eugen,

Yes for sure, it comes from the webcam driver. I was wondering if
someone experiencing the same issue would have found a workaround.
Anyway, there is something wrong in the driver, I think PTLIB does
something none of the others apps I found does. Eventually, I would like
to investigate on that. Is there a way to get a debug trace on windows?

Yes, it's shown in the wiki.

Eugen Dedu wrote:
Benjamin Lauret wrote:
Hi Guys,

I tried to plug today a logitech spher AF into ekiga window 3.0.3
Actually, I did two things. Just plugged cam and launch ekiga. It worked
Then I installed the Sw from logitech (and I guess the driver), then
launched ekiga. Now it just crash the computer.
When the computer crashes, the OS (drivers included) if surely faulty!

If ekiga only is faulty, it is killed by the OS and the computer
continues to work as expected.

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