[Ekiga-list] How to control Ekiga via CLI on Windows?

Hi all,

I'm currently examining the feasibility of switching my grandparents
from Skype to Ekiga. I think that learning a brand-new interface is
going to be too hard for them, and so I'd like to make things very
simple by just giving them a desktop icon that they can double-click
in order to call me. In GNU/Linux, this is very simple, as I can just
invoke ekiga from the command-line with the -c flag. On Windows
version 3.02, though, it complains that an instance of Ekiga is
already running, and ignores the flag. Is there a way to get the Ekiga
Windows build to accept the command-line arguments? If not, is there
another way to implement the effect I have described, where it is
possible to create an icon that forces an already-running Ekiga
instance to dial out to a particular SIP address?

Please let me know. Thanks,


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