[Ekiga-list] Using Ekiga Call Out

Am using Ekiga 3.20 in Kubuntu Jaunty and have a Diamond Card account. Using a Plantronics SP500 USB headset.
Just called someone's cell phone and was bothered by having to wait for the other party to stop speaking for a noticeable period before I could speak.  The conversation was forced and a bit uncomfortable for this reason
Right now Ekiga is set to use the following Codecs:
Speex 16 kHz  H.323 Sip
PCMU  8 kHz   H.323 Sip
PCMA  8 kHz   H.323 Sip
G722   16 kHz  H.323 Sip
Are there any changes that I can make to make it possible for the conversation to flow more easily?

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